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Copy/Paste Text & Files between computers

20 Dec 2013, 17:48

After years of leveraging the forum to my benefit, I finally have something I feel is worthy of giving back!

The script below allows you to copy / paste between computers. Computers have to have a shared folder (use DropBox, GoogleDrive, network drive, etc). Run the program from each computer in the shared folder. Then press Windows C to copy text and Windows V to paste text. (plain text is all that comes through).

If you're in Explorer you can copy a file and paste it to the other computer's explorer view.

In both cases there are tooltips that pop up showing the username, computer, date copied and either the text copied or the file name. You can also hover over the icon to see what is currently stored.

The sound notification and tooltips can be disabled by selecting the options when you right click on the icon. The icon will toggle between blue and red when something new gets copied.

I'd love any feedback. I know my programming skills are poor however, this seems stable and fairly stream-lined.
Here it is on Github Here is a video demonstrating it's usage.

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