MGR v0.9.5

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MGR v0.9.5

29 Dec 2013, 11:30

Hi everyone!

Description :
MGR is a simple set of functions that helps you to use mouse, rocker, wheel and shake gestures.
I made it to be simple to use.

How to use :
  • Mouse gestures
    • Press the RButton
    • Move the mouse in random directions
      (A tooltip should display the command)
  • Rocker gestures : LButton&RButton or RButton&LButton
  • Wheel gestures : RButton&WheelUp or RButton&WheelDown
  • Shake gestures
    • HShake : Horizontal Shake gesture (L-R-L, R-L-R, L-R-L-R...)
    • VShake : Vertical Shake gesture (U-D-U, D-U-D, U-D-U-D...)
    • DShake : Diagonal Shake gesture (UR-DL-UR, DR-UL-DR...)
Help about the configuration file will come later!

License :
Use in source, library and binary form is permitted.
Redistribution and modification must meet the following conditions:
- My nickname (R3gX) and the origin (link) must be reproduced by binaries, or attached in the documentation.
- If changes are made to my work, you are encouraged (yet not obliged) to post the changes for others to view, on the Autohotkey forum.

Thanks to :
  • Carrozza, sumon & tsenlaw for their comments
  • mright for his ideas and his work

Download (GitHub) : :

Change log :
v0.9.5 (09/May/2013)
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Modified : rocker & wheel gesture syntax XX & XX >> XX-XX (RB & LB >> RB-LB , RB & WU >> RB-WU...)
  • Important modifications on 'gestures.ini'.
    • The 'Global' section is now renamed in 'Default'.
      This means that if a gesture is not set for the active application but is set in the 'Default' section,
      the triggered command will be the command set in the 'Default' section.
      If you don't want default gestures, simply delete the 'Default' section.
    • A new section was added : 'Master'. This section has the priority over all others sections.
Here is a summary of priorities* for the sections : Master > Process:Title > Process:Class > Process > Default
For the gestures : [email protected] > Gesture
* : > means 'has priority over'
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