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[module] Mouse gestures

Posted: 20 Dec 2015, 19:05
by Learning one
Continued from old [module] Mouse gestures thread.

Re: [module] Mouse gestures

Posted: 06 Aug 2019, 14:40
by pkip

i come from here :

i too would like to add to have another button with it's own set of mouse gestures and i followed this link to get the MouseGesture module but the link seems to be broken : http /Mouse%20gestures%20module/MouseGestures.ahk Broken Link for safety

Can you give a new link ?

thanks :)

Re: [module] Mouse gestures

Posted: 06 Aug 2019, 23:38
by hoppfrosch
Have a look here:

There is an archive available, where the missing file should be part of (at least the file is listed as being member of the archive)

Hope that helps

Re: [module] Mouse gestures

Posted: 07 Aug 2019, 13:43
by pkip
Perfect, thanks a lot !!