Eval - Evaluate Expressions in Strings Dynamically (Updated 07/08/2016)

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Update v1.1.7

07 Aug 2016, 11:51

Update: v1.1.7
  • Fixed bug when assigning a variable to a ternary operation.
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Re: Eval - Evaluate Expressions in Strings Dynamically (Updated 07/08/2016)

31 Oct 2016, 01:38

for reference, AHK_H can do Eval() stuff built-in:

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var := 99
MsgBox var=%var%

mycode := "var2 := var+2`nMsgBox, var2 from within ahkExec = `%var2`%"
MsgBox, mycode to dynamically execute:`n`n%mycode%


MsgBox, var2 from main script = %var2%
ahkExec() is one function provided to allow it, i think there are a few others for doing it in separate threads

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Re: Eval - Evaluate Expressions in Strings Dynamically (Updated 07/08/2016)

24 Aug 2019, 10:31

This Eval Function is great! but apparently I found some bug where some results are wrong

using the "expression tester.ahk". I tried evaluating:

the result generated was:

the answer should be:

It will be a good news if there is a solution for this probem.
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