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AutoHotkey Mini-Framework Release

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 00:01
by AmourSpirit
I have written an extensive set of core class libraries for AutoHotkey. These class libraries can easily be installed and use in your current or new projects.

I have called the Library Mini-Framework and is based loosely on .net/mono style classes.

The Project can be found on GitHub

There are classes that represent Object, Boolean, String, Byte, Int16, Int32, Int64 ,Float, Collections, Dictionaries, Hashtables, Queue and Stack.
Mini-Framework also has many built in Exceptions as well for refined error control.
There are many other classes included in the Mini-Framework as well.

To install the libraries the simple way download and run the installer MfSetup.exe

The Mini-Framework installs with a help file that can be found in your Start Menu under Mini-Framework.
There is an online help version of the help as well.
Currently the Help has more then 2500 topics and is rather extensive.

The Hope for this project is that as a community we can grow the framework to include many other names-spaces and class libraries to make certain task much simpler

I understand that getting help quickly and efficiently when writing code is paramount. To aid in this I have written another program named AutoHotkey Snippit. Download Installer here.

AutoHotkey Snippit Contains a per-installed profile Named AutoHotkey that has built in plugins for quick access to Mini-Framework Help and AutoHotkey Help. No matter what editor you using for writing AutoHotkey code you can get help quickly. The default Shortcut key for Mini-Framework help is ctl+F1 and the default shortcut key for getting AutoHotkey help is ctl+F2. Just select the word(s) you want help with and hit the shortcut key.

There is a Sublime Text package in development and will be is available here. This will allow Intellisense in Sublime Text for both AutoHotkey and Mini-Framework at the same time.

I love AutoHotkey but also love working with more strongly typed classes. Thus was inspired to start this project. ( some time ago...)

Update June 15, 1017
Released Version yesterday.
See Change Log for more info.

Re: AutoHotkey Mini-Framework Release

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 00:29
by guest3456
AmourSpirit wrote: The Hope for this project is that as a community we can grow the framework to include many other names-spaces and class libraries to make certain task much simpler
Can you give some examples as to the benefits that your library provides?

Re: AutoHotkey Mini-Framework Release

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 00:50
by AmourSpirit
The Library open up many potentials going forward. For instance AutoHotkey Snippit is in part built upon the Mini-Framework. There are many other class that are part of the framework and plans for new Namespaces that add functionality to AutoHotkey that may have previously been much more tedious to accomplish.

Also anyone coming from an object orientated background may have a shorter learning curve use AutoHotkey.

In the near future I will be releasing Released a command line tool that can generate complete Mini-Framework classes from XSD. Thus generating thousands of lines of code in a matter of seconds that can read and write xml. This potential increases as the framework progresses. Although the current level of the framework makes is very usable for any current or new project.

Browse the help file to see some of the classes and examples currently available.

Another big part of the framework is to give developer the ability to create their own custom classes for their own project and have much or of the work done for them by inheriting a class that has most of the work existing already. This also provides uniformity throughout projects.

Re: AutoHotkey Mini-Framework Release

Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 08:32
by AmourSpirit
New Mini-Framework Version Released.

Change Log can be found here

Lots of improvements, New classes including an Advanced StringBuilder class

See original post for More more info.

Mini-Framework Project Link
Online Help Link