KaiZen - Japanese Kanji Memorization Game

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KaiZen - Japanese Kanji Memorization Game

04 May 2017, 12:51


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KaiZen has two modes:
  • Kanji to meaning. The meaning of the kanji is selected from a list of buttons.
  • Meaning to kanji. The kanji is selected from a 3x3 button grid.
After memorizing a set of kanji, go to Settings and increase the database range.
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Re: KaiZen - Japanese Kanji Memorization Game

04 May 2017, 23:16

lollol it may help me to pass jp course in school :lol:
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Re: KaiZen - Japanese Kanji Memorization Game

04 May 2017, 23:35

Woo, Nice codes.
Though, it's, actually, not Japanese but Chinese.
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Re: KaiZen - Japanese Kanji Memorization Game

08 May 2017, 19:49

Fantastic. Would have been awesome if I had this 8 years earlier.

By the way, Japanese "borrows" Chinese characters and calls them kanji. Much like how Spanish, French etc. all share the alphabet. The Koreans used Chinese characters once, before they switched to modern hangul script. I've heard that old Korean legal documents are all written in 100% chinese, so being a lawyer requires memorizing all these "hanja" characters!
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Re: KaiZen - Japanese Kanji Memorization Game

01 Jun 2017, 07:55

Nice and useful, arigatou gozaimas. :)

On older systems (such as 2000/XP, maybe even 7 or higher) that do not have full Unicode support for Asian and LTR languages, the Kanji characters in window's title appear as empty boxes despite Unicode fonts being installed; dunno if there's any means to check for full Unicode support so maybe it would be best to omit that text from window title. It's just an aesthetic issue though.

Suggestions for improvement:
- enumerate installed fonts, select all containing Japanese Kanji set AND ANSI set, offer all matches for selection in dropdown and for GUI interface
- add Hiragana and Katakana options besides Kanji (check for presence of respective character sets same as above)
- extend Kanji character set to full set (I think it's over 4000 characters if I'm not mistaken)
- show variants of words in all three (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) spelling
- offer conversion to/from any of the three sets

I've had JWPce installed on my 98SE box for many years and played with it back in the day, it was nice and useful too. :) It may be of help with your script. Unfortunately the official site as listed by Wikipedia returns error 403 (forbidden) for me but the application is still available at Jonathan Waller's site. The source code is not included but can be retrieved from the original site through WebArchive.
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