XA() - Save/Load AutoHotkey Arrays in XML format

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XA() - Save/Load AutoHotkey Arrays in XML format

22 Jul 2017, 02:37

Code here: https://github.com/hi5/XA

I've been using XA by trueski a lot as I find it a very convenient method of saving and loading (simple) arrays/objects with settings in a script or save data between sessions and I thought it deserved some attention by re-posting it here and making it a separate repo on GH so it is easier to find.
I've been using XA in CL3 for example.

The original source can be found in the archived forum here so it can no longer be updated there. The code posted there is no longer valid due to errors caused by upgrading the forum software.

I've fixed the code and added XA_CleanInvalidChars() to remove invalid characters in XML. Usage is very simple as can be seen in the readme.

Thanks to trueski for developing XA (trueski: if you return to AHK or join GH I'm happy to transfer the GH repo to you)

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