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Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 23 Sep 2014, 12:09
by gwarble
Thanks to the help of a couple users, new version is ready:

EitherMouse Setup.exe v0.5988
EitherMouse.exe v0.5988

Feedback appreciated!

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 25 Sep 2014, 13:20
by gwarble
I added two simple things last night that will allow for many of the requests for features and other things to be added by the end user...

A broadcast PostMessage when the mouse changes, and an OnMessage listener to answer with the active mouse...

I'm not sure this is the best way to do this, but its working out so far... I've made a couple example scripts to utilize it, which can be found here:

and for now its only in the beta release until further bug testing is done:

Examples include:
- simple notification proof of concept (requires Notify.ahk)
- invert mouse axis (requested by akobako5 and miketvsubs)
- faster than 20 mouse movement (requested by slimPockets and dzid_ and Cody)
- custom mouse button remapping (for peter723pan, peterpanExample.ahk)
- 16x9 speed control (faster x than y movement) added (for Roland, 16x9SpeedExample.ahk)

To Come:
- contain mouse to monitor (for JeremyRegnerus) - working on this

This will allow easy addition of capabilities by end users (affluent in ahk) without me adding them natively to the program... Getting new features to work is fun, integrating them seemlessly into the GUI interface while keeping it intuitive can be time consuming...

I will post better documentation on how to use it (and make a simple library function set) at some point, but feel free to play around with the examples (just run them, after installing ahk) and let me know what you think...

- Joel

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 07:51
by peter723pan
One month ago , the zippack download had script source .ahk files within it.
But now the newer one only contain exe file.

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 28 Sep 2014, 13:09
by gwarble
I will add the source back into the zip, but it can also be extracted from the exe with "eithermouse.exe -source" command line parameter, or included with an installation from "EitherMouse Setup.exe" via the "include source code" checkbox

Thanks for the heads up...

I added "peterpanExample.ahk" to the plugins folder for your request:
hard coded to swap navigation buttons (forward/back) to mouse buttons (left/right click) and vice versa, only on mouse2, let me know how that works

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 30 Sep 2014, 11:37
by gwarble
added another "plugin", 16x9Speed for a user request, to make the mouse faster in X than in Y (by a factor of 16/9 for large widescreen display)... I don't like the effect but maybe someone will

added Large Cursors and Extra Large Cursors for the mirrored cursor option (settings menu > cursors > ...)

added "Enhance Pointer Precision" checkbox (mouse acceleration) under Mouse Speed...

these are only in the beta release for now, but unless i hear of any bugs will go into the main release soon

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 18 Oct 2014, 22:47
by e_MacGyver
I have an odd request, if possible.
I would like to be able to program the left and right mouse buttons on the second mouse to run batch files. I'm wanting to re-purpose a second mouse as a switch(s) that will trigger two batch files when my desk-phone receiver is lifted and set back down. The way I think of it working is, after tearing the donor mouse apart I would connect the wires for the left and right mouse buttons to a three-way switch that I have on my phone that I already use to trigger a light to show when I'm on the phone. When the receiver is picked up, contact is made as if the left button is pressed down, and contact is broken on the second mouse button as if the right mouse button has been released. This would trigger the first batch file. When the receiver is replaced, the contact is broken on the first button as if the left button is released and contact is made on the second button as if the right mouse button is pressed. This would trigger the second batch file. I'm not sure if this is possible, the second mouse, my switch, would have to work in the background so not to take focus of the first mouse that I have to use will on calls.


Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 19 Oct 2014, 16:07
by gwarble
No, sorry but that won't be possible... If you read the first few pages of the original thread you'll see why, basically the first use of the secondary mouse will still trigger a click... Even with a mouse hook (like some of the plugins have) i dont think it will work

I'd recommend instead going with a hacked gamepad instead of a hacked mouse, then you won't have any device interference to worry about... Or a dedicated input board like u-hid (

Good luck

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 20 Oct 2014, 03:20
by Guest
@e_MacGyver: you might want to look at

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 03 Nov 2014, 04:14
by oookotooo
Hello! Please contact me. I want to work on your project. I want to fix issue while using 2 mice or more at same time. add some other features. my e-mail:
[email protected]

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Scrolling difficulty

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 08:36
by MrAnalogy
I'm using the latest version of EitherMouse with two Logitech MarbleMouse.

The scrolling is working very inconsistently.


1. In Chrome browser it often will scroll a selection/focus between items on the page, rather than scrolling the page. This happens often in Gmail, but also in Google Search results.
2. Does not scroll at all in Skype

I have the Marble Mouse driver set to use Universal Scroll when I select the left small button.

I'm using the 32 bit version on 64 bit windows 7.
Any suggestions?

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 12:19
by gwarble
Hmm, i haven't used that Logitech software or mouse, i'll have to do some research... Can you try turning off "universal scroll" and see if the issue persists? Do you have the scroll speeds set differently on the two mice in EitherMouse?

Thanks for the feedback
- joel

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 16:01
by Guest
Currently that small button is set to Universal Scroll.

Thanks for the quick respoinse. I think I figured it out.

Universal Scroll will scroll in the X and Y.
If I'm scrolling in a windows in the Y and them move along the X, it can shift the focus to a different window IF that window has a scroll.
So if I'm scrolling in the X AND Y it can shift the focus so that the Y scrolling affects a different window.
Which is what's happening.
I think that with EM in use, I don't get a different cursor when I'm scrolling in the X, to I didn't realize I was doing that.
(NOrmally if you scroll in the X direction with the Marble Mouse you get an < > shaped cursor so you know you're scrolling sideways.

--------------More testing (before I discovered the above)--------------

When I set it to OTHER or Generic Button, nothing happens when I hold that button and roll the ball.(So, no problem, but no scroll :(
If I set it to AutoScroll it works normally but I hate autoscroll.
If I set it to AutoScroll then *back* to Universal Scroll it works for a while.

And I assume that EitherMouse does not provide scrolling, but rather just allows the MarbleMouse driver to do the scrolling?

If EitherMouse DOES provide scrolling, how do I configure the Marble Mouse to use the EM scrolling?

**I'm happy to do whatever testing you think might help**
I can also do a screen share if you want to see it in action. (I have teamviewer and Skype)


Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 05 Nov 2014, 04:01
by Psionic
oookotooo, gwarble:

It would be fantastic to fix the issue of using both mouses together/simultaneously. Such a great piece of software we have there. I am glad this is still active and in progress, maybe it is one of the most important soft ever made, check it out:

We want to launch a game using both mouses, as it very probably can improve hands ambidexterity and strenghten the Corpus Callosum - most important part of the brain connecting left and right hemispheres (see A.Einstein creativity and c. callosum link)! We are onto something novel here and not much researched. The best part is that the game can be very simple to fulfill its purpose.
(you can check the topic on Longecity forums; - ambidexterity game ideas or thebioneer - become ambidexterous improve creativity. I have a little bit knowledge on this topic, suggestions or questions are welcomed!)


edit: also the initial idea which my friend suggested was to control whole computer using two mouses without keyboard. Maybe one day in future we can go with on-screen interface replacement for keyboard. It could be fun to write using both hands and challenging (at least from beginning) also. And I wonder if later in comparison it can be faster than regular typing on old mechanical keyboard.

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Scroll working very inconsistently

Posted: 05 Nov 2014, 08:08
by MrAnalogy

I disabled EitherMouse and I'm gettting the same problem with the Universal Scroll. I'll restart my computer just to be sure but I think the problem is the Marble Mouse driver NOT EitherMouse.

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 05 Nov 2014, 15:52
by gwarble
MrAnalogy: Hmm, ok keep me posted, i'm not sure how i could workaround the problem so i'd be happy to hear it wasn't really an EitherMouse issue ;)

Psionic: part of the reason its not feasable for eithermouse is actually a good thing for your case... You can build this ability into your game natively, either using microsofts multi input sdk, or using the rawinput api in the same way eithermouse does, but since it would be native to the app you can seperate them entirely... Research the rawinput features and draw your own cursors and you're in business

I'll try to make a mockup of this ability within one app since i get asked about this so often, but most people want eithermouse to do it in any app, but the app/game has to support it natively to be effective, which in your case is possible

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 05 Nov 2014, 16:38
by MrAnalogy
gwarble wrote:MrAnalogy: Hmm, ok keep me posted, i'm not sure how i could workaround the problem so i'd be happy to hear it wasn't really an EitherMouse issue ;)
Confirmed it's an issue with the Marble Mouse (setpoint) driver. Sigh....

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 07:10
by Psionic
Gwarble: thanks for the feedback.. so, it will be possible to do in a separated app?

I meant it to be usable in any web browser and just for hitting some buttons/objects displayed and clicked alternately - left hand-right hand-left hand-right hand, the only condition is that user has to track and see the both cursors.. So it won't be doable with Either Mouse?

BTW it would be honorable to give it as an addition to eithermouse, as a demonstration of its Possibilities ;)

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 08 Nov 2014, 13:54
by gwarble
Psionic: I thought you meant writing a game natively... To do this in a webpage game, the web browser would need the ability built in

I've been working on a solution for a while to do this with a background app like EitherMouse, but in doing so, pretty much all aspects of the mouse and how it interacts with windows have to be managed and nothing can be left to windows to handle... everything from click handling, dragging, active/inactive windows, even mouse acceleration... so the short answer is that its not possible

MrAnalogy: bummer, i guess i can't help with EitherMouse then

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 10 Nov 2014, 21:58
by Scrapmetay
The 0.5988 and the previous, can't turn off autoupdates. The check stays on whichever line of the menu to press, and the program updates itself.

Also second for making every particular cursor selectable. That's the most important feature that seems to be lacking.
And by the way, if you have the code to mirror the current cursors, it should be better to mirror the really active cursors, and now i believe it mirrors the standard cursors of XP / 7.

And also, this program, when initial setupping, the first mouse detected, it makes the decision that this mouse is the right handed. I think it's a mistake. If the user already started to setup the Eithermouse, the current mouse will be already the other hand. Anyway while that's easily pickable – the tool-icon remains to show the arrow-to-the-right for the mouse it first detected.

Ans also awso, if you're at it, maybe can this program swap not only the Windows official “mode” of handedness, but also (optionally) low level messages for a mouse? (It's not this program's layer, i know.) Because some Windows games don't obey the left-right hand of Windows at all. Like Fallout 1, 2.

Re: EitherMouse 0.59 - Multiple mice, individual settings...

Posted: 10 Nov 2014, 23:30
by gwarble
Thanks for the feedback...

1) correct, i never fully enabled the ability to stop auto-updating, but left the menu there accidentally. I will fix this in the next version...

2) i'm not sure I understand... each of the cursors should be mirrored, as in the waiting cursor, the hand cursor, etc... Image but these are not mirrored dynamically from the currently active cursor set that the user is using, they are contained in the program, of which there are four now: XP, 7, 7 large, and 7 extra large (those last two might only be in the beta release, i'll have to check)... the problem with mirroring the active cursor dynamically is they sometimes look funny, like a backwards question mark... but it might not be such a problem, I will look into adding that ability... I've also long wanted the ability to let the user load his own custom cursor set but haven't finished implementing that ability

3) if the mouse buttons are "swapped" in windows before running EitherMouse for the first time, the first detected mouse will be treated as "left handed" and the second detected mouse will be treated as "right handed". You are correct in that the tray-icon does not follow the "handed-ness" of the mouse when changed, and I will add that to my to do list. If you mean that the user would be setting up EitherMouse with the secondary mouse, well I had to make a decision as to how the mouse will be first defined and chose that way... the opposite would be just as confusing for users setting up with the mouse they don't want changed... Maybe the "Move right mouse first" window needs better explanation but it seems logical to me...

4) this is not really in the scope of EitherMouse, and most games will let you configure the mouse buttons independently of the windows setting, but I will look into a solution using a mouse hook via a plugin similar to some of the plugin examples above... I'm still not sure the game will respect the change (as it might be using DirectInput skipping anything EitherMouse or a mouse hook can change) but i will look into that.

Anything else?
- joel