ezMenu() - easy menu creation using indentation

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ezMenu() - easy menu creation using indentation

16 Oct 2017, 17:46

this is a thing that takes some text from a file or a string and turns it into a menu. i remember using something a long ago that made sub-menus by putting angle brackets in between the menu names, something like: >>>main menu>>>sub-menu 1>>>sub-menu2 etc

well this is pretty much the same thing except it uses indentation to create the sub-menus which makes it a bit easier on the eyes.
i threw in a few extra options for various things like disabling items or having custom labels per item so check out the readme to get the syntax for that stuff or just run \example\example.ahk to see it in action

im using this in a few different scripts at the moment, all of them half finished of course which is why they arent being showcased here :D
the menu in the image below is an example of one that sends git commands to the command line and highlights any text thats between brackets.

latest release: v1.0 (16th october 2017)

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Re: ezMenu() - easy menu creation using indentation

17 Oct 2017, 02:44

Good job, it seems to work well and is easy to use :thumbup:

Thanks for sharing, cheers!

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