ZipFile [AHK v1.1 and AHK v2.0]

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Re: ZipFile [AHK v1.1 and AHK v2.0]

13 Jan 2017, 12:19

7za - wrapper discussion is continued here:
Peter (AHK Beginner) / Win 7 x64, AHK Version v1.1.22.xx
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Re: ZipFile [AHK v1.1 and AHK v2.0]

14 Apr 2017, 10:18

Coco wrote:

Code: Select all

	MsgBox % "Name: "            .
	       . "`nSize: "          . item.size
	       . "`nType: "          . item.type
	       . "`nDate modified: " .
	       . "`nRelative Path: " . item.path
this does not work - all values are blank :(
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Re: ZipFile [AHK v1.1 and AHK v2.0]

20 May 2018, 11:09

Is it possible to create a folder inside the zip and then add files inside that folder?

Re: ZipFile [AHK v1.1 and AHK v2.0]

20 May 2018, 16:01

Probably the easiest solution would be to create a folder, copy/move the files there, zip the folder and delete the files (zipfile can do that for you)

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TestZip := new ZipFile("")
TestZip.pack("folder",1) ; 1 = del
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Re: ZipFile [AHK v1.1 and AHK v2.0]

12 Jun 2018, 14:03

Started using this in one of my recent projects, works flawlessly!

But Maybe I suggest maybe add the option to hide/show the native progress dialog? 256|16 Otherwise, applications using this when extracting large Zip files seem frozen until the extraction is complete. ... e.ahk#L108

make 4|16 the default but allow advanced users to change it to whatever listed in here as an extra parameter? : ... ta7-ahk-l/
4 Do not display a progress dialog box.
8 Give the file being operated on a new name in a move, copy, or rename operation if a file with the target name already exists.
16 Respond with "Yes to All" for any dialog box that is displayed.
64 Preserve undo information, if possible.
128 Perform the operation on files only if a wildcard file name (*.*) is specified.
256 Display a progress dialog box but do not show the file names.
512 Do not confirm the creation of a new directory if the operation requires one to be created.
1024 Do not display a user interface if an error occurs.
2048 Version 4.71. Do not copy the security attributes of the file.
4096 Only operate in the local directory. Don't operate recursively into subdirectories.
9182 Version 5.0. Do not move connected files as a group. Only move the specified files.
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