reloadr - reload running scripts from a context menu

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reloadr - reload running scripts from a context menu

04 Nov 2017, 17:47


i think AHKControl might do the same thing as this but the link to download it was dead so i went ahead and finished making this anyway.

this was mainly just for reloading scripts at first but ive added in some more options recently like pausing and suspending each script, creating a startup shortcut, compiling,
reloading / exiting / compiling all running scripts, reloading all the shortcuts in the startup folder.

ctrl + shift + ` shows the menu (grave/backtick key)
ctrl + ` reloads the default script (which is set from the top of each sub-menu)
alt + ` reloads whichever script has been reloaded last (ignoring the default)

if a script is paused or suspended then a (p) or (s) will show on the right side of the menu.
to have icons show in the menu, add script_icon() to your function library and uncomment line 297


• i havnt found a way to pause or suspend exe scripts yet. anyone have any idea if this is possible?
• it doesnt handle duplicate script names very well since two items in the same menu cant be identical. i might fix this at some point, maybe by showing the parent folder along with the script name in those cases, but ive rarely had two scripts with the same name so its not the most urgent problem either

gist zip download
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