defeat Freddie at typing

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defeat Freddie at typing

13 Nov 2017, 18:41

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;Can you defeat Freddie at typing!? - YouTube
;The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle; ADVENTURE I. A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA Page 2

;defeat Freddie at typing by jeeswg
;whatever letter you press (or space), you press the right key
;Esc and Ctrl+Esc to end the script early

;uncomment to support more keys
;Loop, 255
;	try Hotkey, % "$" Chr(A_Index), SendKey
Loop, 26
	Hotkey, % "$" Chr(96+A_Index), SendKey
Hotkey, % "$Space", SendKey

vCount := 0
vText = ;continuation section
I could not help laughing at the ease with which
he explained his process of deduction.

"When I hear you give your reasons," I remarked,
"the thing always appears to me to be so ridiculously
simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each
successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled
until you explain your process. And yet I believe that
my eyes are as good as yours."

vChar := SubStr(vText, vCount, 1)
if (vChar = "")
SendInput, % "{Raw}" vChar

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