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Re: ToolTipAll

20 Oct 2019, 21:36

Looks like I fixed the exiting problem. So there is a new update in OP and for now exiting limitation removed.

@Drugwash: Thanks for the Wine info. But reading your post I'm very sceptical. I already tried ReactOS and was pretty much disappointed. I think those things are not ripe yet for amateurs.

P.s.: Ha, ha,... better kittens then brats! (just a joke)
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Re: ToolTipAll

21 Oct 2019, 02:45

Well, I took a few minutes to test the script and unfortunately it doesn't work under Wine - tooltips are completely inhibited while the script is running. Tray tips still work but they are not modified in any way. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Only one thing: I noticed an extra parameter Int at the end of the GlobalFree call.

As for kittens, after all the mess they've done these last years I think I'd rather put up with some brats - those would at least understand the language. I do have a nephew and a niece but I've only seen them once each. Family is such a complicated thing...
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Re: ToolTipAll

21 Oct 2019, 03:31

Thanks for taking a look! In both DllCall-s I added experimentally ReturnType-s (on a amateur basis and flatly overlooked, one was already present). It didn't help, but luckily it didn't harm either, since I later forgot to erase them.
My solution is: UnhookWinEvent twice (actually I let it up to 6 times, but I've put in a counter for test and it only took two loops). Besides I merged OnExit and Reload routins.
No faul exit until then!

Redundant ReturnType-s removed in OP.

Edit: There was a big error - blunder whatever! GlobalFree sometimes exits sometimes not... so for now is commented out... Update in OP.

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