ToolTipEx - custom fonts and colors in ToolTips

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Re: ToolTipEx - custom fonts and colors in ToolTips

03 May 2017, 11:32

just me wrote:Hi zcooler,

I'm pretty sure they are drawing the tooltip themselves in case they actually use a common tooltip control.
Hi just me,
Hmm mean with gdi+? Had no plans to venture there, but getting this stuff working it makes me curious. So that would mean padding the tooltip text to the right to make some room for the arrow stuff, make a copy and do some drawings on it and then display at tooltip coordinates.
just me wrote:
Very cool when the icon arrow changes direction depending on which side (above or below) the tooltip is displayed of the RadioCheckButton.
And very unnecessary, because the hilite color clearly indicates the menu item.
:lol: quite right...but lots of folks tend to focus on the foreground stuff (now and next show info - its that info you want) and background highlightings are less noticed. At least that is my own experience after using the DVBViewer application pretty much every day close to a decade now.

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