TCP control for Pioneer AV and WinLirc transmitter

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TCP control for Pioneer AV and WinLirc transmitter

26 Mar 2018, 18:13

Maybe it will be interesting for someone.
I attach a script for control over TCP/IP: AV receiver Pioneer (vsx-921 in my case) and IR transmitter (which is controlled by WinLirc) for turn on/off TV, Sat and light.
Users of laptops from Asus will find a familiar image, notified of the results of execution.
After pressing the registered hot keys, a connection is established with Pioneer or WinLirc, a command is sent, a response is received, and a small picture and response status is displayed.

Perhaps the script still needs to be fine-tuned, but overall it works. Perhaps somewhere there is not the most correct code, this is my first script ...
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