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Re: AHK - WMI - Snippets

17 Oct 2016, 07:40

What works faster? Executing WMI queries to get data or do direct WinAPI calls?
I suppose executing WMI queries should be a slower approach (although, I honestly don't know that), but I wonder how much slower (because I could choose WMI-query approach as it takes up less lines of code, lol).
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Re: AHK - WMI - Snippets

18 Oct 2016, 01:06

About WMI vs WinAPI
Disadvantage: Speed
Advantage: Wraps the native API / Get more data with less work
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Re: AHK - WMI - Snippets

16 Aug 2017, 05:13

The WMI_HDD_HEALTH() example on Win 10, 64bit, AutoHotkey v1.1.26.1, doesn't seem to work (returns empty) :?:

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