whitespace summary: frequency count of leading/trailing spaces/tabs

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whitespace summary: frequency count of leading/trailing spaces/tabs

02 Sep 2018, 15:04

- When working on unfamiliar code, it's good to have an idea of what kind of whitespace is used.
- It's also useful to keep leading whitespace consistent, and trailing whitespace non-existent.

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q:: ;files - whitespace summary
;frequency count: leading/trailing spaces/tabs permutations
;vDir1 := A_Desktop "\AutoHotkey_L-master\source"
vDir1 := A_ScriptDir
vDoMsg := 1
vDoMsgL := 0
vDoMsgR := 0
VarSetCapacity(vOutputAll, 1000000*2)
Loop, Files, % vDir1 "\*", F
	vPath := A_LoopFileFullPath
	SplitPath, vPath, vName, vDir, vExt, vNameNoExt, vDrive
	FileRead, vText, % vPath
	oArrayL := {base:{__Get:Func("Abs").Bind(0)}} ;AHK basic object with default value of 0
	oArrayR := {base:{__Get:Func("Abs").Bind(0)}} ;AHK basic object with default value of 0
	Loop, Parse, vText, `n, `r
		vTemp := A_LoopField
		vPos1 := RegExMatch(vTemp, "[^ `t]")
		vPos2 := RegExMatch(vTemp, "[ `t](?=[ `t]*$)")
		vWhitespaceL := SubStr(vTemp, 1, vPos1-1)
		vWhitespaceR := vPos2 ? SubStr(vTemp, vPos2) : ""
		if vWhitespaceL
		if vWhitespaceR
		if vDoMsgL && InStr(vWhitespaceL, " ")
			MsgBox, % "[" JEE_StrReplaceST(vWhitespaceL) "][" vTemp "]"
		if vDoMsgR && InStr(vWhitespaceR, " ")
			MsgBox, % "[" vTemp "][" JEE_StrReplaceST(vWhitespaceR) "]"
	vOutput := vName "`r`n`r`n" "start:`r`n"
	for vKey, vValue in oArrayL
		vOutput .= vValue "`t" JEE_StrReplaceST(vKey) "`r`n"
	vOutput .= "`r`n" "end:`r`n"
	for vKey, vValue in oArrayR
		vOutput .= vValue "`t" JEE_StrReplaceST(vKey) "`r`n"
	if vDoMsg
		MsgBox, % vOutput
	vOutputAll .= vOutput "`r`n"
Clipboard := vOutputAll
MsgBox, % "done"

	vText := StrReplace(vText, " ", "S")
	return StrReplace(vText, "`t", "T")
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Re: whitespace summary: frequency count of leading/trailing spaces/tabs

02 Sep 2018, 19:45

glad you've changed your opinion on leading whitespace (aka indentation). you used to claim how unnecessary indentation was, despite everyone tell you different. at least you are open to new views in some areas ;)

one way projects use to keep leading whitespace (and other formatting) consistent is to use editorconfig:


you'll often find .editorconfig files within git repositories which contains these settings, and as along as your editor supports the editorconfig, then it will automatically adjust between spaces/tabs/newlines/etc

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