On-Screen Keyboard —— OSK() v1.5

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On-Screen Keyboard —— OSK() v1.5

26 Oct 2018, 04:29

This is a small tool similar to the WinXP's On-Screen Keyboard.
I hope you like it. :dance:

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On-Screen Keyboard -- OSK() v1.5  By FeiYue

This is a small tool similar to the WinXP's On-Screen Keyboard.

Written in function form, easy to invoke in other scripts.



OSK() {

  static NewName:={ "":"Space", Caps:"CapsLock"
     , App:"AppsKey", PrScn:"PrintScreen", ScrLk:"ScrollLock"
     , "↑":"Up", "↓":"Down", "←":"Left", "→":"Right" }
  w1:=45, h1:=30, w2:=60, w3:=w1*14+2*13

  ; Keyboard layout: [key name, width, spacing]

  s1:=[ ["Esc"],["F1",,w3-w1*13-15*2-2*9],["F2"],["F3"],["F4"],["F5",,15]
     ,["PrScn",w2,10],["ScrLk",w2],["Pause",w2] ]

  s2:=[ ["~ ``"],["! 1"],["@ 2"],["# 3"],["$ 4"],["% 5"],["^ 6"]
     ,["&& 7"],["* 8"],["( 9"],[") 0"],["_ -"],["+ ="],["BS"]
     ,["Ins",w2,10],["Home",w2],["PgUp",w2] ]

  s3:=[ ["Tab"],["q"],["w"],["e"],["r"],["t"],["y"]
     ,["u"],["i"],["o"],["p"],["{ ["],["} ]"],["| \"]
     ,["Del",w2,10],["End",w2],["PgDn",w2] ]

  s4:=[ ["Caps",w2],["a"],["s"],["d"],["f"],["g"],["h"]
     ,["j"],["k"],["l"],[": `;"],[""" '"],["Enter",w3-w1*11-w2-2*12] ]

  s5:=[ ["Shift",w1*2],["z"],["x"],["c"],["v"],["b"]
     ,["n"],["m"],["< ,"],["> ."],["? /"],["Shift",w3-w1*12-2*11]
     ,["↑",w2,10+w2+2] ]

  s6:=[ ["Ctrl",w2],["Win",w2],["Alt",w2],["",w3-w2*7-2*7]
     ,["←",w2,10],["↓",w2],["→",w2] ]

  Gui, OSK: Destroy
  ; +E0x08000000  Click not to activate
  Gui, OSK: +AlwaysOnTop +Owner +E0x08000000
  Gui, OSK: Font, s12, Verdana
  Gui, OSK: Margin, 10, 10
  Gui, OSK: Color, DDEEFF
  Loop, 6 {
    if (A_Index<=2)
    For i,v in s%A_Index%
      w:=v.2 ? v.2 : w1, d:=v.3 ? v.3 : 2
      j:=j="" ? "xm" : i=1 ? "xm y+2" : "x+" d
      Gui, OSK: Add, Button, %j% w%w% h%h1% -Wrap gRunOSK, % v.1
  Gui, OSK: Show, NA, On-Screen Keyboard

  Gui, OSK: Destroy

  if k in Shift,Ctrl,Win,Alt
    v:=k="Win" ? "LWin" : k
    GuiControlGet, isEnabled, OSK: Enabled, %k%
    GuiControl, OSK: Disable%isEnabled%, %k%
    if (!isEnabled)
      SendInput, {Blind}{%v%}
  s:=InStr(k," ") ? SubStr(k,0) : k
  s:=(v:=NewName[s]) ? v : s, s:="{" s "}"
  For i,k in StrSplit("Shift,Ctrl,Win,Alt", ",")
    GuiControlGet, isEnabled, OSK: Enabled, %k%
    if (!isEnabled)
      GuiControl, OSK: Enable, %k%
      v:=k="Win" ? "LWin" : k
      s={%v% Down}%s%{%v% Up}
  SendInput, {Blind}%s%

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Re: On-Screen Keyboard —— OSK() v1.5

26 Oct 2018, 08:11

Screenshot would be nice? :P
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Re: On-Screen Keyboard —— OSK() v1.5

26 Oct 2018, 16:21

(28.67 KiB) Not downloaded yet
I'm not the author, but this is a screenshot of the function/script.

- [AHK].......: Unicode 64-bit
- [OS].........: Windows 10.0.18362
- [GITHUB]...: github.com/DeltaPyth
- [PAYPAL]....: paypal.me/DelPyth
- [DISCORD]..: Delta#3324

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Re: On-Screen Keyboard —— OSK() v1.5

27 Oct 2018, 08:25

Thanks, feiyue, works great. Here's a PNG (Note the arrows - the screenshot of the post above by Delta Pythagorean might have been from an ANSI copy of the script :), I'm pretty sure it needs UTF-8 with BOM):
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Re: On-Screen Keyboard —— OSK() v1.5

28 Oct 2018, 02:53

@ feiyue: All Windows versions starting with ME (Millenium Edition) have a built-in OSK. XP's is uglier than yours - since you mentioned the similarity - but like all others it does what yours doesn't:
1. Display current layout
2. React to layout changes

Yes, there are many other keyboard layouts out there besides EN. Many people around the world use a single layout but it's not necessarily EN so for them your script would be of little to no use. Many other people have multiple layouts installed and such script should be able to react to layout changes, display the new layout promptly and send the correct keystrokes according to current layout. Your script is stuck on EN only.

Besides that, for some reason your script is sluggish, dragging the window doesn't move it until the mouse button is released (observed in XP).
Also, disabling buttons as opposed to setting them in a pressed state (and allowing toggle) is not a good idea, especially for Alt where in certain layouts right Alt (also marked as AltGr) performs a different function (Ctrl+Alt) than left Alt, and in my opinion is kinda counterintuitive generally to "lock" left button and "unlock" it by clicking its right counterpart.

Otherwise the GUI looks nice and the script does what it can do given the fixed layout so it's a good start. But you do have to get documented on layout changing and all the stuff related to it (see Keypress OSD, Klavier hero and other similar/related scripts around this board) if you want to build a valuable script. Please take all of this as constructive criticism. Good luck!
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