WindowsFormsAero dll test

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WindowsFormsAero dll test

07 Feb 2019, 20:22

One of those days ... :D
This looks promising, lots of capability I haven't come close to tapping.
DLL was compiled from code on github, VS2017, Win7 Pro, using AHK_L, 64-bit.
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EDIT: Included CLR.ahk in the archive in case you don't have it. You'll need to uncomment a line in the script if you don't have it somewhere AutoHotkey can find it.
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Re: WindowsFormsAero dll test

08 Feb 2019, 17:53

An update, with a request for help. I'm presently unable to create event handlers for this. I've gone through Lexikos's postings at this topic . I was able to compile the event handler there into a DLL, and it worked fine, so I thought I was getting closer. But digging into the source code for this is like going down the rabbit hole - everything is dependent on something else, in some other cref.

Anyway, the event handler I was trying to work with looks like this:

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public event EventHandler<ClickEventArgs> ButtonClick;
. I think that's some new syntax (new to me, anyway, and my C# knowledge is next to zero to start with). Maybe a generic event handler.

Maddeningly, there seems to be no "ButtonClick" event directly in the code anywhere, although the event handler obviously works fine in the comprehensive demo program that compiles along with the DLL. Of course the rest of the System.Windows.Forms code involved is littered with ButtonClick events, so as yet I have no clue as to what is triggering the event handler. There is a cref "EventArgs.cs" that has the following code:

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namespace WindowsFormsAero.TaskDialog {

    public class ClickEventArgs : EventArgs {

        public ClickEventArgs(int buttonID) {
            ButtonID = buttonID;
            PreventClosing = false;

        public int ButtonID { get; set; }

        public bool PreventClosing { get; set; }

but I don't get how "ButtonClick" fits in.

Okay, so much for the rant. I have made some progress, modest though it be.
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EDIT: Re-added WindowsFormsAero.dll to archive
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