[v2] Cursor Manager (+33 RGB cursors)

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[v2] Cursor Manager (+33 RGB cursors)

28 Mar 2019, 12:25

    Easily change cursors on the fly, comes with 33 fully animated RGB cursors.
    Can be made to run on startup or minimize to tray by right-clicking the program's tray icon.
    Then it can be shown again with a single left-click on its tray icon.


    Distributing your own cursors:
    • This program uses the MIT license, which is included in both the source and the compiled exe, so you can distribute the program along with your cursors freely without having to worry about giving credit (as long as the license remains untouched).
    • The default cursors are "Pointer","Link","Text","Working In Background","Handwriting","Alternate Pointer","Help","Busy","Unavailable","Resize Diagonal 1","Resize Diagonal 2","Resize Vertical","Resize Horizontal","Move","Precision", if these are not found, then nothing else will be loaded into their default slot.
    • The program looks for cursors in the "Prism", "Cursors", and A_ScriptDir folders, but only one can be active at a time, with the former taking priority.
    • The "Prism" cursors use a different license that does NOT allow commercial use/distribution.

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