[AHK_V2] Feature-rich Pastebin.com API program

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[AHK_V2] Feature-rich Pastebin.com API program

03 Apr 2019, 09:21

Download the program here:

It's over 2,000 lines long, so I don't think I should post it on the forum. Usage instructions are included at the top of the program.
The program makes use of @jNizM's BcryptMd5 function. Thank you @@jNizM!

Here are the features and hotkeys:


0. Correctly handles UTF-8 http request responses from pastebin.com
1. Create a new paste from highlighted text (confirms overwrite if an existing
filename is specified and creates timestamped backup copy locally)
2. Create new pastes from highlighted files and/or folders (confirms overwrite
for existing files and creates timestamped backup copies locally)(currenty
supports files that match extensions .txt, .md, .ahk, .xml, .py, .pl, .php,
.ps1, .js, .csv, and .tsv -- More extensions can be added by simply
adjusting the regular expression on lines 759 and 772)
3. Download the content of an existing paste
4. Append to an existing paste (creates timestamped backup copy of original
locally)(Adds a Windows new line character `r`n to separate original content and
appended content)
5. Backup pastes based on regular expression (creates time_stamped local folder
of downloaded pastes)
6. Delete pastes based on regular expression (creates timestamped backup copies
stored locally)
7. List all pastes
8. List pastes based on regular expression
9. Get a paste link for an existing paste name
10. Log into Pastebin.com (automates your browser through programmatic key
strokes) (currently works when Opera is default browser)

HOTKEYS (numbers correspond to the above 1 through 11):

1. Create new paste = ^!1 (Ctrl+Alt+1)
2. Create new paste from files/folders = ^!2 (Ctrl+Alt+2)
3. Download existing paste = ^!3 (Ctrl+Alt+3)
4. Append to existing paste = ^!4 (Ctrl+Alt+4)
5. Backup pastes = ^!5 (Ctrl+Alt+5)
6. Delete pastes = ^!6 (Ctrl+Alt+6)
7. List all pastes = ^!7 (Ctrl+Alt+7)
8. List pastes = ^!8 (Ctrl+Alt+8)
9. Get paste link = ^!9 (Ctrl+Alt+9)
10. Log into pastebin = ^!0 (Ctrl+Alt+0)
11. Help message = ^!h (Ctrl+Alt+h)

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