Text Based Clipboard Manager w/Gui

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Text Based Clipboard Manager w/Gui

31 May 2019, 16:19

I started this clipboard script more than 7 years ago. I use it daily.
I have never considered it finished and it probably has a bug or two.
I use text files to store the clipboard content. I suspect it may have been better to use an array and write the array to a text file when the script exits. I think that would take a complete rewrite and I am not inclined to do that.
It works pretty good like it is.

Download it here....

;Text Based Clipboard Manager
;How to Use:
;1. Ctrl Alt Space to open Clipboard Gui
;2. Choose a clipboard and click paste. The clipboard will be pasted at the cursor position if it is visible.

;Saves last user defined number of clipboard contents (default 100 - click settings to change)
;You can have 10 presets. You can edit and save any of the clipboards as a preset or manually add new ones.
;A Compact option will show a smaller gui that shows the 1st line of each clipboard with a paste button
;Option to show Gui on each clipboard change (default: NO)
;Option to start with windows (default: NO)
;Option to not show Tray Icon

;1. Click on picture arrows or use the keyboard arrow keys to browse saved clipboards
;2. You can click and drag the Gui and the script will remember its position
;3. You can edit the current clipboard from the main Gui before pasting
;4. Left clipboard picture shows Viewing Current Clip Number / Total clipboards saved - Example 4/7
;5. Right clipboard picture shows total number of clipboards allowed to be saved )
;6. Exit the script by right clicking on the tray icon or use the hotkey "Ctrl e"
;7. Escape key closes MyClipboardManager Gui or click Close on the Gui
;8. MyClipboardManager creates subfolders so create a folder for MyClipboardManager
;9. Displaying the contents of very large clipboards takes awhile.
;10. Click on "View all Entries" to see all clipboards that have been saved. On this Gui you will be able to Paste,Clear,Edit & Save each clipboard. Also while making changes to a clipboard you can click "Restore" to restore to original clipboard.

;Credits go to the following people.
;Laszlo - "Bin2Hex functions" found here https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/4352-binary-file-io-with-binary-buffers/
;Veovis - "include-a-bitmap-in-your-uncompiled-script" found here https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/9974-include-a-bitmap-in-your-uncompiled-script/
;Lexikos - Scrollable Gui code from https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/26033-scrollable-gui-proof-of-concept/
Main Gui
MyClipBoardManager_MainGui.JPG (54.81 KiB) Viewed 2219 times
View All Entries
MyClipBoardManager_ViewAllEntriesGui.JPG (87.57 KiB) Viewed 2219 times
Edit Presets
MyClipBoardManager_EditPresetsGui.JPG (60.77 KiB) Viewed 2219 times
Check out my scripts. (MyIpChanger) (ClipBoard Manager) (SavePictureAs)
All my scripts are tested on Windows 10, AutoHotkey 32 bit Ansi unless otherwise stated.

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