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Marathon Photo Scanner

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Hello reader,

Below is the code to a marathon photo downloader as referenced at LetsRun. It's primitive. Right click->Save as.

Reference post text:

Here it is. It's very beta, but should be easy enough. I only programmed it for FinisherPix currently. If it gets enough use and there is demand for it anywhere else, it could be modified. I first recommend never doing what you are about to do - accepting code to run from a stranger on the internet. That said... here it is. :) it's very beta and I've even got a disclaimer pop-up "just in case", though I foresee no issues and have tested it.

Requires a Windows Machine
1) Download and install Autohotkey it's an open source programming language that will make this whole process easier for everybody.

2) Save the script (Do not run it yet!. It is an autohotkey file with a file extension of .ahk:

AHK forum link (here :P)

Make sure to save this in whatever directory you want the folder with the marathon photo files stored. For example - on your desktop. Here is the location (Right click->Save As...) You'll run it later. Don't run it now or it will try to save everything in your browser's download folder.
https /dG8RKYc/capture.png Broken Link for safety

3) Run the script. You can download up to 400 photos at a time. It will download half of them from before the photo you submit and the other half after the photo. So if you choose "200", it will download 200 photos leading up to the photo in question and 199 photos after the photo in question. (or vice versa depending on if it is an odd or even ID... the point is 400 photos split at the photo in question)

4) After it finishes (which will vary depending on your/FinishPix's connection), open the folder location and sort the photos by name. Select the first one and scroll though - it should be chronological by the same naming convention FinisherPix uses.

5) Each time you download a set, the previous set of pictures will be deleted from the folder. For the program I wrote for myself, I had it set up to archive the files for future reference, but I didn't want to fill up people's machines with tons of photos. You may need to check your recycle bin though... So if you have any you want to reference or if you want to reference the whole set later without having to download again, save them somewhere else before running the program again.

6) Post questions if you have them (though I won't check this very often - maybe once a day). Enjoy and please use responsibly. I've put in some protections to avoid abuse, but that wouldn't stop a malicious actor from changing the code to download excessively... please don't.
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