one-liners to restore built-in variables

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one-liners to restore built-in variables

05 Jul 2019, 07:45

i made a function a while back to save the state of a built-in variable, change it while youre running something else, then set it back to what it was... but i never really used it much in the end since i share a lot of my scripts and if i used the function then it would mean other people would also have to have to download it and put it in their Lib folder

so i figured out a way to save and set a variable on a single line so it ends up doing the same thing just without having any dependencies

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autoTrim, % ("off"), restore_at := a_autoTrim
autoTrim, % restore_at

setBatchLines, % (-1), restore_bl := a_batchLines
setBatchLines, % restore_bl

setControlDelay, % (-1), restore_cd := a_controlDelay
setControlDelay, % restore_cd

coordMode, caret, % ("client"), restore_cmc := a_coordModeCaret
coordMode, caret, % restore_cmc

coordMode, mouse, % ("client"), restore_cmme := a_coordModeMenu
coordMode, mouse, % restore_cmme

coordMode, mouse, % ("client"), restore_cmm := a_coordModeMouse
coordMode, mouse, % restore_cmm

coordMode, pixel, % ("client"), restore_cmp := a_coordModePixel
coordMode, pixel, % restore_cmp

coordMode, toolTip, % ("client"), restore_cmtt := a_coordModeToolTip
coordMode, toolTip, % restore_cmtt

setDefaultMouseSpeed, % (0), restore_dms := a_defaultMouseSpeed
setDefaultMouseSpeed, % restore_dms

detectHiddenText, % ("on"), restore_dht := a_detectHiddenText
detectHiddenText, % restore_dht

detectHiddenWindows, % ("on"), restore_dhw := a_detectHiddenWindows
detectHiddenWindows, % restore_dhw

isCritical, % ("off"), restore_ic := a_isCritical
isCritical, % restore_ic

sendMode, % ("input"), restore_sm := a_sendMode
sendMode, % restore_sm

stringCaseSense, % ("on"), restore_scs := a_stringCaseSense
stringCaseSense, % restore_scs

setTitleMatchMode, % (2), restore_tmm := a_titleMatchMode
setTitleMatchMode, % restore_tmm

setTitleMatchMode, % ("slow"), restore_tmms := a_titleMatchModeSpeed
setTitleMatchMode, % restore_tmms

setWinDelay, % (-1), restore_wde := a_winDelay
setWinDelay, % restore_wde

setWorkingDir, % (a_scriptDir), restore_wd := a_workingDir
setWorkingDir, % restore_wd
here is an example of one of them in use

Code: Select all

detectHiddenWindows, % ("on"), restore_dhw := a_detectHiddenWindows
winGet, running, list, ahk_class AutoHotkey
loop % running
    winGetTitle, title, % "ahk_id " running%a_index%
    script_path := regExReplace(title, "\s-\sAutoHotkey\s.*")
    path_list .= (path_list = "" ? "":"`n") . script_path
detectHiddenWindows, % restore_dhw
msgBox, % path_list

and heres a small script i made so they can be quickly added whenever you need them.
ctrl+alt + b to show the menu. the first line is pasted and the second is added to the clipboard so you can paste it further down yourself

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