SciTE4AutoHotkey SciTEDebug.ahk error vSP_Console

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SciTE4AutoHotkey SciTEDebug.ahk error vSP_Console

06 Mar 2015, 17:18


when I try to debug I get the following error message:

Code: Select all

Error:  The same variable cannot be used for more than one control.

Specifically: vSP_Console

	 1061: Dbg_GlobalContext := loadXML(Dbg_GlobalContext)
	 1062: }
	 1069: {
	 1072: if !Dbg_StreamWin  
	 1073: {
	 1074: Gui,5:Font,s9,%dbgTextFont%
	 1075: Gui,5:+ToolWindow +AlwaysOnTop +LabelSPGui +Resize +MinSize -MaximizeBox
---> 1076: Gui,5:Add,Edit,x0 y0 w320 h240 +ReadOnly vSP_Console
	 1077: Gui,5:Show,w320 h240,Stream viewer
	 1078: Dbg_StreamWin := true
	 1079: }
	 1081: GuiControlGet,ctext,5:,SP_Console
	 1082: StringReplace,data,data,,,All
	 1083: IfNotInString,data,

	 1084: ctext .= "<" stream "> " data ""  

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Re: SciTE4AutoHotkey SciTEDebug.ahk error vSP_Console

Today, 01:38

I have the same error. I was looking for debugging it but I don't even know how to edit this SciteDebug.ahk and rebuild Scite4ahk.
It looks to me this project is more or less dead?
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Re: SciTE4AutoHotkey SciTEDebug.ahk error vSP_Console

Today, 01:57

Why edit SciteDebug.ahk and rebuild Scite4ahk?

Afaik, SciteDebug.ahk is a part of Scite4AHK and included with its download (you can find it in the tools folder)... as such it still seems to work fine. I am regularly using it.
It is not clear to me what you are exactly trying to do. I don't think that it can be used stand-alone, if that's what you are doing. I only ever used it via Scite's GUI but never got an error.

Do you have something reproducible? When do you get this error?
Did you try to re-install Scite4AHK?

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