Auto-Mirror v0.4 (android mirror with gui in ahk)

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Auto-Mirror v0.4 (android mirror with gui in ahk)

18 Sep 2019, 17:58

o/ im running a small github for Auto-Mirror a simple one click open source tool to mirror any android phone to pc.(super slim SDL2)
Mini version come with only core files and it only 645KB with the .exe(64bit) to run it. (gui button to download core 1click).
Full version come with core pre built with scrcpy.

[youtube]https /watch?v=HfCmzwuIwl0&t=12s[/youtube] Broken Link for safety

Change Log:
Big Update Auto-Mirror v0.4

**Added Full Tooltips (mouse over control)

**Added pc to android apk push with (remove the apk update error)

**Added Push can be made with usb and wifi or to emu

**Added More supported android emulators Mirror (works for bot-it)

**Fixed device list update and it will now update after each change

**Removed auto-mirror mini (too many zip extract issues)

**Removed res cap 640

almost ready and will be added soon: record device screen only terminal with bot-it api connect

will push them when ready and tested


*issue with free res still going random not working on win 7
*some emu's need to be unlocked before mirror


cant add pics or vids here you got full gifs how to debug mode and youtube:

**Mini need to run "Download Auto-Mirror" button before mirror

**Full Auto-Mirror V0.3 With scrcpy and Pre built

Big Update Auto-Mirror v0.3

**Added Full GUI with Multi mirror built in

**Added Control window name / Mirror Res / WIFI&USB /

**Added Auto-Grab Connected Phone Local IP and ADB connect in 1click

**Adeed Free clipper tool in one click

**Added Phone Lcd On/Off buttons

**Added One click button to update Server core

**Added No more console window

**Added New paypal for auto-mirror / patreon Icons

**Added New terminal command box to update user

we are still 100% portable /Install nothing / log nothing / Send nothing / No Root /Run from any usb/ Fully open source from Mirror to Hero

Will be happy to know what you think and what we can improve.

**.bat's are in use as a result of long testing showing talking to scrcpy.exe without cmd is unstable**

Thanks to "Library for Text file manipulation"
the update button was never gonna happen. epic text grep tool!
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Re: Auto-Mirror v0.3 (android mirror with gui in ahk)

27 Oct 2019, 16:33

Nice! Your YouTube video does a better job of explaining your program.
(AutoMirror V0.3 Full GUI)

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