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[Script] Dedicated hotkeys for navigating in ZBrush

Posted: 21 Oct 2019, 11:43
by Villitz
A simple script for ZBrush users who dislike the default navigation options (and the complete lack of customizable navigation hotkeys despite being around for 20 years and costing an arm/leg) and want separate hotkeys for each viewport navigation action (pan, rotate, zoom). Doesn't affect any native ZBrush hotkeys.

Script hotkeys:
-Rotate: Capslock + q
-Pan: CapsLock + e
-Zoom: Capslock +w

It also prevents CapsLock from turning on after hotkey use, while allowing it to function normally otherwise.

Code: Select all

;This script assigns the ZBrush viewport navigation functions to new hotkeys: "CapsLock + q", "CapsLock + w", and "CapsLock + e". 
;CapsLock must be held down before pressing the q/w/e keys to prevent accessing the transform widget.
;Right-click navigation must be enabled in Preferences > Interface > Navigation for this script to work correctly
;CapsLock will always return to an 'off' state and remain functional outside of ZBrush.

#NoEnv                             ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%        ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
#InstallMouseHook                  ; These hooks are probably not needed, but this works as is so i'm keeping them in.
#MenuMaskKey vk07                  ; Reassigns the default MenuMaskKey to the unassigned key vk07. 
                                   ; This prevents AHK from sending the default mask key (Left Control) upon release of Left Alt in the 'zoom' function below.

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe ZBrush.exe   ; Only run the script if ZBrush is the active window
setCapsLockState, off              ; Ensures CapsLock is off. Repeated several times throughout script just to make sure.

CapsLock & q::RButton              ; (Rotate: CapsLock + q) Send right mouse button command when the CapsLock key is pressed
Keywait, CapsLock                  ; Waits for the release of CapsLock and returns it to 'off' state
SetCapsLockState, off

CapsLock & e::!RButton             ; (Pan: CapsLock + e) Send alt+Right Mouse Button command when the CapsLock key is pressed
Keywait, CapsLock                  
SetCapsLockState, off               

CapsLock & w::                     ; (Zoom: CapsLock + w) Send alt command, wait, then send Right Mouse Button command.
SendInput {LAlt down}
sleep, 50                          
SendInput {RButton down}
Keywait, w                         ; Waits until w key is released, then releases keys in correct order to prevent accidental pan/zoom because ZBrush is picky. 
SendInput {RButton up}             ; Note that the Keywait command probably waits for a keypress AND release, but only responds to a key release in this
sleep, 50                          ; context since the w key is already down.
SendInput {LAlt up}                ; If you find the viewport 'jumping' around after releasing this hotkey, increase the sleep timer to ensure proper button release order.
SetCapsLockState, off