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Yet another launcher

24 Nov 2019, 20:55

I created yet another command launcher, because I wanted some functionality that I didn't find in other launchers.

Project started with I changed things and after some time everything was rewritten and expanded. Is is now incomparably bigger.

This launcher does not (yet) search for installed programs or files automatically, you have to define all commands yourself like this:

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commands := WithHelp(new CommandSet()).SetDescription("¯\_(ツ)_/̄")
commands.Add("goo", new Web(" ").SetDescription("Google"))
commands.Add("ama", new Web(" "))
commands.Add("d ", new Search("https ?q=REPLACEME").SetDescription("Search in DuckDuckGo"))
GUI shows list of all commands starting with input (no fuzzy matching yet). You can click on command to run it or select one using arrows.
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But you can also create more complicated commands, like "Show list of commands again, but include only those using browser, and temporarily set browser to Firefox":

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commands.Add("ff", WithEnvironment({ settings: { browser: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"}}
                                      , WithHelp(new CommandSet())
                                         .Observe(commands, new Pipeline().Filter(IsCommand(["Web", "Search"]))) 
                                         .SetDescription("Open website in Firefox")))
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I added examples with most features, I hope they are understandable.

Some features:
  • Blocking commands based on some rule
  • Support for desktops - commands can do different things based on which desktop you are
  • Support for runAs
  • GUI editor for simple commands
  • Use multiple GUI windows with different commands
I have set it up so for example desktop 3 is for development. Websites are opening using Firefox Developer Edition and some commands like reddit are blocked.

Instructions and examples are on github: If there's a bug, something is not clear, or have an improvement idea, please open an issue on github.
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Re: Yet another launcher

25 Nov 2019, 20:55

awesome, your idea inspired me to make some good customized stuffs.
thanks for sharing

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