Send Email Directly from AutoHotkey

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Re: Send Email Directly from AutoHotkey

13 Jan 2021, 07:36

Nice script. How to realise NOREPLY emails?
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Re: Send Email Directly from AutoHotkey

17 Jan 2021, 01:45

Works great but I have a question. I have nice email templates that were created via HTML. (I use CloudHD email templates plugin) Is there a way to have the email sent in an HTML format? Meaning, that in ahk I would either paste the HTML or have ahk read the HTML from the HTML template file?
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Re: Send Email Directly from AutoHotkey

Yesterday, 07:19

Very nice thanks a lot! I've been wondering about that for a while.

Here's a snippet how I made a working attachment test:

Code: Select all

; Attachment feature separated by |
facture := A_ScriptDir . "\Facture-18.pdf"
doc1 := A_ScriptDir . "\doc1.pdf"
doc2 := A_ScriptDir . "\doc2.pdf"

sAttach := facture "|" doc1 "|" doc2 ; can add multiple attachments (the delimiter is "|" )

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