[Script] Download Sheepdog - organize downloaded files

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[Script] Download Sheepdog - organize downloaded files

01 Oct 2013, 21:33

I use this script to organize certain types of files as I download them instead of letting them clutter up my downloads folder. For example, whenever I download a .torrent file, Download Sheepdog automatically moves the torrent file to a shared folder on another computer.

It requires a little bit of setup, so running the script normally (e.g: double clicking its file icon) will show the instruction manual. The package linked below includes both the source and executable (compiled with AHK-L x86 Unicode) for your convenience.

                Download: AHK-Script-Download Sheepdog.zip
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Re: [Script] Download Sheepdog - organize downloaded files

06 Oct 2013, 15:42

This is a very nice script/software! :D
There is a ton of potential here. I see this for way more then a download organizer. Thank you for providing this. I have a idea(obsession) and something similar to this was one of my functions I have planed out for it.

I can confirm that it works with a raspberry pi/dropbox clone via NAS storage. Which means pushing things from dropbox, gmail, or android device is possible. Not to mention all the open hardware soon to be available like the UDO which can run android with arduino sensor data. Think about all that sensor data to be organized. Just by using a app on the pc and routing the directory to the NAS or copying files from directory to the NAS via AHK. Add abilities to tag any file,time stamp, and/or handle metadata for files. Then be able to view them in a robust way.(like xmbc movies/cd display of info just with everything) Evernote Who?


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