[Class] Java Properties Styled Data Management

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[Class] Java Properties Styled Data Management

09 Jul 2020, 21:17

To be honest, Java's Properties is actually quite simplistic, easy to follow, and very minimalistic. I'd actually recommend it if you're not wanting to use something like JSON or XML to store data.
If you've ever used INI to store data (which is built into AHK), then you'll know the basics of using Java's Properties.
Here's a basic run down:

# I'm a comment!
variable_name = Some Data!
another_variable = Some More Data!
im_true = true
im_false = false
im_nothing = null
multi_line_string = I take up \
exactly \
three lines!
single_line_str = There's a\nSnake in my\nBoot!

# These are objects, no need to define it before setting the info:
object.name = Megaman
object.index = 1
object.is_content = true
another_object.is_new = true

That's it. No need to create a line before the definition, no fancy curly brackets surrounding a bunch of stuff. Nothing.
Just define the path of the object and go!

To read and write your data to and from files it's as easy as doing this:

Code: Select all

; Read a file into an object.
MyObject := Properties.Parse(A_ScriptDir . "\settings.cfg")

; Save an object to a file.
Properties.Dump(MyObject, A_ScriptDir . "\settings.cfg")
Gist Page for the Class.

NOTE: I have only added the \u escapes for Parse not for Dump yet, so keep that in mind.

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