Visual Studio Code: How go get "Outlining" (Function Browser?)

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Visual Studio Code: How go get "Outlining" (Function Browser?)

15 Apr 2019, 14:32

Yesterday I installed VS Code to see what the fuss is all about.
The great surprise with AHK is that within minutes, its Language search box lets you download language schemes for AHK. The search provides two: by SLevesque and CWeijan.
As far as making you code pop, they are beautiful.

What doesn't work out of the box, however, is code outlining: the menu that should let you browse the functions in your code doesn't get populated. Of course that's key functionality if you have really long files.

Has anyone here been successful in getting what VS calls Outlining (a "function browser" feature) to work?
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Re: Visual Studio Code: How go get "Outlining" (Function Browser?)

05 Jun 2020, 16:23

Yeah, would be great to have a plugin/workaround

like # in markdown

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