Help with Autocomplete

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Help with Autocomplete

20 Feb 2017, 17:40

Hi all,
Just started using SciTE4AutoHotkey and found the debug function really useful and am thinking of using this as a main editor.
Anothor nice function I found is the autocomplete giving me all the commands I need.. :)

I wonder if it is possible to include 'space' within the autocomplete such as:
when selecting StrReplace, I get "StrReplace(, , , )"
or when selecting Loop, i can get "Loop, Parse, ," or "Loop, files, ,"
I managed to add the comma and opening bracket within the settings but I cannot get it to include spaces.

I tried using the AutoComplete.lua but space still delimits the command lists even when adding "editor.AutoCSeparator=string.byte(';')". So pls let me know what I have done wrong or if this is possible at all?

Thank you for your time.

Just to let you know 'ahk.api' file contain a few commands that is duplicated.

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