SciTE4Autohotkey Autosave .ahk.bak or .session everytime I typed a letter

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SciTE4Autohotkey Autosave .ahk.bak or .session everytime I typed a letter

25 Apr 2018, 00:07

SciTE4Autohotkey has a great advantage on almost anything since its the most successful(not yet for me :mrgreen: ) Editor for autohotkey scripts.

There is ONE feature I want to know if it exist on this application, the "autosave function of a backup file or a session"

I have used Notepad++ for 2 years and I've never regret its use since almost all features of notepad++ are very useful. The best one is the "autosave" function which saves a backup file(this backup file is what notepad++ currently opens since notepad++ automatically creates a backup file everytime you open a file and that backup file will be the current session) everytime the user types a character(not sure yet but that is what I have inspected, or maybe it autosaves on a backup file every second). This feature "saved" me for almost 100+ times from unexpected computer shutdown(brownout since I use desktop, that sucks), everytime I open notepad++ it automatically loads the last session, even if I dont save my work(since this is me I dont save my work until its finished even if it costs 1 week :lolno: ).

But when I heard about SciTE4Autohotkey, as they said that It almost is the same as notepad++(even if its not). I tried using this application and almost 2 weeks I finally managed to make this as my default ahk editing tool.

BUT on my darkest our, a brownout occurred and my "8 HOUR OF AHK CODE WORK" JUST VANISHED LIKE I ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS(just kidding, what I meant is my 8 hours of coding becomes a waste because the code is not saved since I dont save my work straight that 8 hours :lolno: ).

I know more of you have experienced this type of badluck while using SciTE4Autohotkey. Thats why if this feature is not present yet, its good to add this feature on the next update of SciTE4Autohotkey... But as we wait for the next update, maybe there is a Function(extension or something) to fix this?
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