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Output Panel

18 Oct 2018, 13:56

Why would output panel keep popping up every time I run a script even though I keep unchecking it from the view menu? Is this one of those things where I need to look through some cryptic config file and guess what the abbreviations mean until I get it right, or is there a simple way to do this through the GUI. If it isn't clear I don't ever want to see the output panel for any reason. I tried searching but the color scheme of this forum is too nauseating to navigate. I also tried searching the program's help file for "output" but that brought up two irrelevant results. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Output Panel

04 Sep 2019, 21:31

SciTE forces the output pane to be visible whenever you run a command which uses the console subsystem. I suppose the assumption is that if you're running a console command or app, you are always going to want its output.

SciTE4AutoHotkey uses the console subsystem for the "Run" menu option (the "go" command, F5) so that if the script has output, it will be shown in the output pane. The "go" command uses the /ErrorStdOut switch, so if your script fails to start due to a syntax error, the error message will only be shown in the output pane. The output pane is also used for #Warn All, StdOut and #ErrorStdOut.

If you do not want to capture output or show the output pane at all, you can use the "Quick run" command which is bound to Ctrl+Shift+F5 by default. You can change the shortcut to F5 by adding this line to SciTEUser.properties (Options, Open User properties):

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"F5" will still be shown next to "Run" in the Tools menu, but will actually be executing a completely separate command.

The View menu option (obviously) only toggles whether the output pane is currently visible. Similarly, the output.initial.hide property controls whether the output pane is visible initially, but it is still shown when the program assumes you will need it.

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