Auto-complete capital "R" in return Topic is solved

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Auto-complete capital "R" in return

28 Mar 2019, 05:45

Hey guys,

I know this is really dumb but it triggers my OCD :D

I want to change the return to be with a capital "R" as of at the moment it appears in the auto complete suggestions with a lowercase "r"

I am using the standard autocomplete that came with the editor and not the updated version which was suggested here in this section and as far as i can see the version of Scite itself is: v3.0.06.01

Is there a way to edit it to a uppercase R as at the moment i am using workarrounds but it really bugs me (i know it is stupid and childish). I was not able to find the autocomplete file in the Scite foder though to see if i will be able to edit it myself somehow.

Can anyone help with some sort of a simple solution or should i just continue using my workaround?
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Re: Auto-complete capital "R" in return  Topic is solved

28 Mar 2019, 07:04

Try this:

locate C:\Users\Wolf\Documents\AutoHotkey\SciTE\user.ahk.api (a zero-byte file) and write

Code: Select all

Return [Expression]
this modifies a default from here: "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\SciTE\ahk.api" ,
where line 160 reads

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return [Expression]
I hope it helps.
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Re: Auto-complete capital "R" in return

28 Mar 2019, 12:05

Scripting Language | AutoHotkey
list of every command/function/variable from across all versions - AutoHotkey Community

Generally speaking, I see control flow statements written in lower case:

break, continue, else, Gosub, Goto, if, Loop, return, while

catch, finally, for, throw, try, until
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Re: Auto-complete capital "R" in return

01 Apr 2019, 23:16

wolf_II, thanks a lot, man. This worked perfectly. :)

jeeswg, thank you for the assistance and the links as well :)
I have noticed that a lot of people are typing them lowercase so i guess it is just some sort of coding standard or something.
The thing is that it really bugs me when it is lowercase. Just a personal issue :D

Thanks for the help guys

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