How to know when NordVPN is connected

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How to know when NordVPN is connected

28 Oct 2018, 03:33

I'm new user of Pulover's macro.
Just spend 3 days to try the tuto (video) and to start my first project:
On regular basis check flights price being hidden by a VPN
My steps:
1. Open NordVPN and connect it
2. Copy the folder of a "clean" Firefox portable
3. Launch the copied "clean" Firefox
4. Launch the website and look for the desired flight
5. Copy the result page
6. Open a Excel file (specially prepared for this)
7. Copy the website result in Excel open tab
8. Launch an Excel macro (then the Excel macro will extract the needed info and copy them them in another tab and finally clean the initial tab to prepare it for the next time)
9. Close the Firefox session
10. Delete the folder containing the copy of the clean Firefox
11. Close the NordVPN session

It's going quite well (lot based on image recognition), but block on the first step.
Indeed, the macro launches and starts Nord VPN through a "run" followed by a "click" on the required button.
But then, the connection is quite long (can last 1-2 minute)
NB: Before launching point 2, I need to be sure that NordVPN is active
My approach to solve this.
When connection is done, NordVPN window will mention the new IP address => I look for this image:
But fails most of the time.
Any proposal to wait NordVPN connection before moving to next step?

Have a nice Sunday.


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