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Pulovers Macro Creator Unofficial Fix Version

23 Jul 2020, 11:50

Hello,I'm 廖一鸣. 2020-7-24
fixed the row mixing bug when saving in PMC.

Just replace the original exe file.

The row mixing bug will still happen in follow cases(even you use this fix version):
1.Add or Duplicate macro tab(sometime)
2.Close macro tab(sometime)
3.Assign Hotkey in main window(rarely or maybe not happen)
4.Assign Hotkey in "Edit Macro" window(often)
5.Rearrange Macro tab order in main window and "Edit Macro" window(often)
6.Just open the "Edit Macro"window and do nothing then click the "ok" button ,row mix bug still happen.

don't do those actions above,and you will be ok.if you want add or delete tab ,do it with notepad(If you know how to),or you can use "beyond compare" to check the new file and old file if you do those actions in PMC.

And some other bugs I found:
1.Recent Files not working
2.Using expression in a complied exe,you have to remove % for the variable in PMC before complie it,otherwise the complied exe won't work.

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