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Copy append & Paste append / Ctrl+V / Recording Macro

14 Sep 2020, 17:13


I have another question, I am very new to PCM,,, I am sorry if this is already discussed point.
I want to copy append & paste append.

The below information is on the spreadsheet,
Email address (to)
Email address (cc)
Email Subject
Email message body
The name of the attached file,

I just want to copy them all, and paste all (except the attached file name) on the Email(outlook)
And, lastly, I want to search the attached file from the folder in my PC, by the file name.
I have send several hundred e-mail to send,, and want to use PMC..
Can we do COPY append, and PASTE apend with PMC..?

Or, I have separeate software, I can copy apend by repeating Ctrl+c, and Paste apend by repeating Ctrl+V,
But Ctrl does not seem to be usable with PMC.. Is there any trick to make it happen..?

I wonder if anybody could offere me kind help...

Best regards

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