Hekp to use autohotkey and autogui on usb stick

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Hekp to use autohotkey and autogui on usb stick

29 Apr 2017, 16:25

Hi everyone, I would like to use autohotkey with autogui but not having autohotkey installed on pc i can not run or compile scripts because autogui does not find compiler and linker, i think the solution is modify autogui so that it can be indicated in which folders find them , Maybe by entering their position on the configuration screen, but having just started using autohotkey I do not have the knowledge to modify the autogui source, can you help me please solve the problem?
thank you
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Re: Hekp to use autohotkey and autogui on usb stick

30 Apr 2017, 01:51

Double-click AutoGUI.ahk and choose the option "Select a program from a list...". Next, in the "Open with..." dialog, browse to the AHK executable in the USB drive and check the option "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file".

Alternatively, pass the AutoGUI path as a parameter to the AutoHotkey executable. It can be done by drag'n drop or via command line.

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