AutoGUI can not load the last project

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AutoGUI can not load the last project

07 Sep 2017, 16:33

Hi guys ! I have a question. when I create the GUI and then save it, the next time I want to edit it. I load the project, but in the editor only the script without graphics is loaded. ie the checkboxes and buttons are not loaded. What could be the reason ? I really like this editor, but because of this problem I can not use it ... :roll:
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Re: AutoGUI can not load the last project

06 Apr 2018, 06:02

AutoGUI do not automatically import GUI scripts. You have to inform it to do so. Follow these steps:
1. Go to File > Import GUI.
2. Choose one of the methods. There are some limitations in both.
3. Select the window (when using the Cloning Tool) or the file (when using the parsing method).
4. Edit the new GUI by adding or removing controls, changing the position/size or setting options.
5. Copy from the generated code only the relevant lines and paste them into the original script, modifying where necessary.
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Re: AutoGUI can not load the last project

07 Jul 2018, 23:19

Hi there, It's a rather drawn-out method. Is it likely to be improved in the future? Cheers :-)

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