[AHK_H v2] Bug: some funky gui scrolling behavior Topic is solved

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[AHK_H v2] Bug: some funky gui scrolling behavior

09 Jan 2019, 22:49

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; ahk_h v2 a100 w64, on win10 x64
Gui := GuiCreate()
Gui.Add("Edit", "w200")
Gui.Add("Slider", "w200")
lol whats going on here, how do i disable this erroneous scrolling? steps to reproduce:
  • click the edit updown
  • scroll with the mouse wheel
  • the slider is now bugged. if u actuate it(scrolling, dragging, arrow keys), it will also scroll the now enlarged entire window pane
this doesnt happen on regular _L v2. is this something to do with _H's custom HSCROLL and VSCROLL?

bonus bug: try the inverse, click the slider then scroll in the editbox. the window pane now scrolls vertically instead

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