unable to run scripts with ahk_h

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unable to run scripts with ahk_h

25 Nov 2023, 11:27

I want to replace my current AHK version with AHK_H for true multi threading. But I can't run my scripts even if I create an empty script. I followed HotKeyIt's steps from below link:

1. I copied Compiler folder from ahk_H, paste in the old ahk folder, and replace files with same name.
2. I opened x64w_MT folder from ahk_h and copied AutoHotkey.exe, then replaced the AutoHotkey.exe file from the old ahk folder.

I didn't do anything to the Autohotkey.exe file from the programs > Autohotkey path as shown in the picture, I believe this is just a shortcut path, so I leave it untouched. Let me know if this is the problem. Thank you!


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