About AutoHotkey_H

Post AHK_H specific scripts & libraries and discuss the usage and development of HotKeyIt's fork/branch
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About AutoHotkey_H

03 Mar 2017, 20:00

AutoHotkey_H development started around 2009 based on AutoHotkey_N created by tinku99 who introduced AutoHotkey.dll to allow real multi-threading (old forum).

Today AutoHotkey_H is much more than AutoHotkey.dll, it has many new features, compression and protection for compiled scripts, COM Interface and it is 99% compatible with main AutoHotkey.
The difference to main AutoHotkey is that #NoEnv is set by default and VarSetCapacity keeps memory in variable when capacity is changed.

Also AutoHotkey_H v2 based on AutoHotkey v2 is available and being developed.
Note that AutoHotkey_H documentation is only maintained for AutoHotkey v2 but most features are also available for AutoHotkey_H v1.

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