Merged v1.1.30.02 - Merged

Post AHK_H specific scripts & libraries and discuss the usage and development of HotKeyIt's fork/branch
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Merged v1.1.30.02 - Merged

04 Mar 2017, 05:22

Updated MemoryModule and added MT version.
Fixed empty pointer bug
v1.1.26.00-H001 - Merged
v1.1.25.01-H002 - Hide default password
  • default password AutoHotkey is now better hidden and it is easier to set own password
  • Make sure to amend or add g_default_pwd.. entries, also in globaldata.h and update the length of it here and here.
  • The password itself needs to be changed here, use you own fake entries. You can also have empty (\0) characters in between or use for example separate function to generate the password...
  • The best method is to generate the password dynamically through separate function(s) so it is not saved directly in source and that part of source code is not open to public!
v1.1.25.01 - Fixed Send to allow other scripts to act on modifier state changes which immediately precede a special character, such as the Shift release in Send Mört

v1.1.25 - Added Hotkey, If, % FunctionObject

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