Learn AHK basics! :D

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Re: Learn AHK basics! :D

17 Jan 2015, 04:11

The file got truncated somehow. I've fixed it.
the jovial tone (which can be fun) might cause an additional learning curve for non-native English speakers (humor doesn't always translate well).
This is a good point.
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Re: Learn AHK basics! :D

17 Jan 2015, 06:42

When now tutorial is integrated in official AutoHotkey documentation, I think it is better to delete " ahkscript/AHK_Tutorial " repository and do all corrections and additions in ahk documentation repo.
Please comment what you think about it here: https://github.com/ahkscript/AHK_Tutorial/issues/3
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Re: Learn AHK basics! :D

18 Jan 2015, 06:13

nice! May I translate into Korean?
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Re: Learn AHK basics! :D

18 Jan 2015, 10:33

Sure! That would be very cool and helpful for other Korean users :)

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