Using keyboard to send Joystick inputs

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Using keyboard to send Joystick inputs

09 Apr 2018, 03:04

Hey there, just wanted to share this.. might be helpful to someone
I searched google, and the only way to bind keyboard to joystick is to use vJoy
Problem with vjoy is that it doesn't work when you shell into hyperspin, you have to run explorer.exe and also its full of bugs (random up/left etc)

I wanted to use my arcade cab to play games that has 2 analog sticks. So obviously I have only 1 joystick per player and I wanted a 2 player setup as well so I couldn't use the player 2 joystick.

So what I did was use x360kb.ini (you can search it on google), it emulates keystrokes to x360 controller (which is actually my arcade controller)

From there, you can use UCR ahk to remap the left analog stick to LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN, which actually gives you 8 directions when emulated.
Next, to emulate the right analog stick, I used a different set of keys (wasd) and made an ahk that when you hold a certain button on the arcade,
it will activate the joystick temporarily to act as the right analog stick. That way I made MKSM, Gauntlet and many other games playable.

Hope this helps anyone out there!
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Re: Using keyboard to send Joystick inputs

15 Jan 2019, 04:14

Few people apply, but the idea is good! We tried pretty =)

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