17 ways to automate Windows programs with AutoHotkey

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17 ways to automate Windows programs with AutoHotkey

10 Feb 2021, 18:17

For years we’ve discussed many different approaches to automating windows programs. I started working on the below document last year and finally got it to a place that it’s ready to share.

For each topic, I walk through different ways you might evaluate them. Please watch the below video to understand how to read and use the scores. Also note, the numbers given are assuming you’re an “Intermediate” user of AutoHotkey.

You can get the document, with the links, here: https://www.the-automator.com/WaysToAutomate

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Re: 17 ways to automate Windows programs with AutoHotkey

11 Feb 2021, 04:04

This is an helpful video of automating windows programme.

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