compiling AutoHotkey: Visual Studio versions and components

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compiling AutoHotkey: Visual Studio versions and components

07 Nov 2019, 15:09

Compile attempts for AutoHotkey v2.0-a106:
VS 2012: didn't try.
VS 2013: failed. (I believe it worked for previous v2 alphas.)
VS 2015: failed, stating I needed to 'Install Windows XP support for C++'.
VS 2017: worked.
VS 2019: didn't try.

So, re. VS 2015, is there a suggested list of components to install, when installing Visual Studio.

Can anyone else report if VS 2012/2013/2015 can be made to compile the latest AutoHotkey v2 alpha (or else the last versions they could compile)? Thanks.

Out of interest, has anybody managed to compile any alphas with hashes/contents that match the official releases exactly?

AutoHotkey_L/ at alpha · Lexikos/AutoHotkey_L · GitHub
AutoHotkey v2 is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, which is a free download from Microsoft.
The project is configured in a way that allows building with Visual Studio 2012 or later. However, for the v2 branch, some newer C++ language features are used and therefore a later version of the compiler might be required.

Advice for which version/components to install, when installing Visual Studio (for AutoHotkey_H):
[Guide] Compiling Ahk_h's source step by step - AutoHotkey Community

Microsoft Visual Studio - Wikipedia
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