GUI - Checkbox / Radio Button - Size Topic is solved

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GUI - Checkbox / Radio Button - Size

08 Nov 2018, 17:08

I'm writing a program with a GUI window, which includes a checkbox (and radio buttons)
Like this example .:

Code: Select all

Gui Font, s24 CDefault, Verdana
Gui Add, CheckBox, x50 y50 w300 h45 , CheckBox

Gui, Add, Radio, x76 y180 w300 h45 , Radio Button 1
Gui, Add, Radio, x76 y230 w300 h45 Checked, Radio Button 2
Gui, Add, Radio, x76 y280 w300 h45 , Radio Button 3

Gui Show, x140 y100 h400 w500, Test Checkbox - size

Is it possible to make the checkbox larger than standard?
(same question about the radio box)
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Re: GUI - Checkbox / Radio Button - Size  Topic is solved

09 Nov 2018, 02:39

In short: no, they both have standard fixed size.
You can simulate checkboxes and radio buttons by using certain characters from the Wingdings font, at the desired size. However that would complicate the script a little as the text of the checkbox/radio would have to be separate Static controls and clicking either would have to be synchronized to produce the toggle effect.
I did that years ago in SmartGuiXP Mod in GUI options (and other options dialogs):
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Re: GUI - Checkbox / Radio Button - Size

09 Nov 2018, 04:47

Nice solution!

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